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Soul to Soul

Soul to Soul:
Tiny Stories of Hope
and Resilience

Faye Rapoport DesPres

and Anya Lauchlan

Starts at $18.99 + Shipping



Book Printing

As part of our mission to support new authors, HIP is proud to offer book formatting and printing services to individuals looking to self publish or those who want copies of a book to share with friends and family. Click below to learn more!

Full Publishing Service

Available free to all signed authors. A comprehensive experience that covers all facets of traditional book publishing. Click below to learn more!

Thesis Binding

Ideal for new academic writers who wish to have their thesis beautifully bound in order to share with peers or as a bookshelf trophy, Our Thesis Binding Service is here to make sure that you will always have a reminder of how hard you worked for that Doctorate!

Manuscript Editing

Great for those looking to self-publish, this service is a must for any manuscript before it catches the public eye. A well polished manuscript is key to keeping your readers engaged! Click below for pricing details.


Huntsville Independent Press is North Alabama's only traditional publishing house that offers more than just publication to writers. HIP is dedicated to fostering storytellers with a passion for the written word and is a shining beacon for those who want a career in writing. 

Smarter Contracts

Break free from the chains of a restrictive contract. A contract with HIP means NO lock-ins, and NO swindles.

Higher Royalties

HIP offers 2x the industry standard, outperforming other indie presses. Our payouts start at 40% across the board.

Passionate Teams

Our team of zealous designers and editors care about you and your story! At HIP, you'll always be treated as an individual instead of a contract. 

Keep Your Advance

At HIP, we believe your "advance" is a payment for the privilege to tell your story and it shouldn't come out of your royalties. So it doesn't!

Stay Original

Your work contains a piece of your soul. Don't abandon it with a publisher that wants to switch it up. HIP wants to preserve the meraki in your book. 

Expert Publishing Consultation

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