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Manuscript Editing With HIP

Editing is one of the most important steps in the publishing process. Authors want to make sure that their book is a pleasure to read. That's why we're proud to offer our incredible solution. With HIP, clients can trust that in our hands, your work will be ready to send either to a publisher or straight to the shelf! Our passionate team is prepared to polish your work in a way you never thought possible,                                                     

and all at a price you won't believe.


We'll help you identify and fix issues with plot, character development, pacing, and more.


Developmental editing can transform your writing from a mediocre piece into an outstanding work of art, ensuring that your ideas are properly conveyed and your message resonates with your audience.



We'll focus on improving the clarity, flow, and style of your writing, making sure that every sentence is polished and effective.


Line editing is the fine-tuning process that gives your writing a professional touch, making it flow effortlessly and engagingly for your readers, while also eliminating errors and inconsistencies that can distract from your message.


We'll help you eliminate errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and formatting, ensuring that your manuscript is error-free and professional.


Copyediting is the essential process that polishes your writing to perfection, ensuring that your message is clear, concise, and error-free, and that your readers are fully engaged with your content from start to finish.

FAIR AND               AFFORDABLE 


We decided early on that we would help authors meet their goals and serve their needs. 

Each service
costs you only

per word!

At HIP, we know how hard it can be to drive your passion on a budget. 

In short, 

We work hard

so you don't have to.

Just click or call 256-678-0411 to have your quote within 24 hours. Join the HIP family today!

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