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Award-winning journalist Faye Rapoport DesPres brings heart to home and light to life in this beautiful collection of short stories. Soul To Soul is a literary answer to the rough start of the 20’s and will undoubtedly endure as a beloved classic long into the future. Each unique story is a brief window into the life of another at the very moment they discover something about the way of the world or about themselves. Read on below to learn more!


Soul To Soul is a scintillating commentary that masquerades as a short story collection. Comprised of one hundred stories, many of which are beautifully illustrated, this literary masterpiece cuts deep into the heart of everyone who reads it. 


 Grab your copy of the book that critics are raving about this holiday season and give it as a gift to someone you love. Soul To Soul makes a perfect companion in times of solitude, stress, and worry. For the tasteful and busy individual, these stories are the perfect momentary distraction that will forever take up residence in your heart and your book case. 

It's skillful composition and prose are surmounted only by Faye's ability to distill the complexities of human emotion into bite sized drabbles that remind every reader that life is more than it seems. 

 Buy the only gift book you'll need this holiday and give them an unforgettable present. Soul To Soul is a new voice and an insightful read for anyone and everyone!


Faye Rapoport DesPres was born in New York City and moved upstate with her family when she was six. An animal lover who brought home numerous strays, she took horseback riding lessons, swam at the local lake, and skied on the nearby mountains. As the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, she learned early on to stand up for causes and became a champion of both animals and human underdogs.

Mariam Kobras

Faye is one of the best writers I’ve read. Her style is poetic, lyrical, observant, and lush, but never excessive, never florid. Her sentences have a lovely cadence, a natural flow, that make them dance easily through the reader’s mind.


Mrs. DesPres is a talented author who transmits a broad gamut of emotions with a sense of utmost honesty.

Lisa Gott

DesPres is a true artist. Her writing is exquisite and it is obvious she was exceedingly careful in selecting each and every word before painting them onto the page. And the whole experience the reader is afforded, and that is exactly what it is, an experience, is one that lingers long after the last page is turned

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