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How We Publish Your Book

Once you have submitted your first draft, our team will take it from there.  Several things have to happen before we can showcase your story. 

Chapter 1


When you send us a draft, rest assured that acceptance and signing doesn't rely on one persons opinion.  We do some of the legwork to see how interested people are in your story. Once approved, a meeting will be arranged to review our contract and sign you on!

Chapter 2


Arguably the most important stage in a books life cycle, editing is the time during which grammatical mistakes are erased and minor edits may be made to the content of the work so that readers can enjoy a fluid and colorful reading experience. 

Chapter 3


During this phase, you will work with our team of editors to create or insert illustrations into your book and a cover will be chosen. This will be the first impression a reader has of you!

Chapter 4


Our authors will receive up to 4 fully bound copies of their book in either hard back or soft back configuration. If the final product is acceptable then the next phase can begin!

Chapter 5


The final stage of the publishing journey; This is where the magic happens! Authors will soon find their book in libraries, book shops, online stores and may other retailers. Events may be held for the author to sign books and meet their audience. 

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