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Warehousing and Distribution for self-published authors

At Huntsville Independent Press, we understand that managing book inventory can be a daunting task for authors. Our Warehousing and Distribution Services take the hassle out of storing and shipping your books. Utilizing micro-print runs, we ensure you have just the right amount of inventory to meet demand without the burden of large, costly print runs. We offer several versions of this, as detailed below. There's something for everyone at HIP. 

Use the button above to see our pricing page for the services listed here. 

Learn more about our W&D services for authors below. 

Micro-Print Runs

We negotiate the best price per copy for your book with our printing partners, ensuring that you only pay what is necessary - never more. 


Get your books into the hands of readers quickly and efficiently with our Distribution services. We offer a global distribution network, expedited shipping options, and direct-to-consumer shipping to ensure timely delivery. 

Batch Storage Options

Manage different editions and versions of your books effortlessly with our Batch Storage plan. Whether you’re dealing with multiple print runs or special editions, our batch storage keeps everything in order.


Our secure, climate-controlled facilities ensure your inventory is protected from temperature fluctuations and humidity, safeguarding your books from damage.

Returns Management

Simplify the returns process with our hassle-free Returns Management service. We handle the inventory side of returns, ensuring your books are processed and restocked efficiently.

Bulk Order Fulfillment

Whether you’re supplying bookstores, hosting events, or running special promotions, HIP ensures your bulk orders are processed and shipped quickly and accurately. 

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