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       Mackenzie Staggs is a talented illustrator and designer hailing from Alabama. With a penchant for visual storytelling, she expertly blends traditional oil painting techniques with digital tools to create works that exude humanistic qualities. Her dynamic compositions and vibrant color palettes are highly acclaimed, as she consistently seeks to produce something that is both innovative and unexpected.

       From a young age, Mackenzie has had a deep fascination with the art of storytelling. Whether through books, movies, or television shows, she has always sought to consume and create narratives. This passion ultimately led her to pursue a BFA in illustration from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, where she graduated with top honors. During her studies, Mackenzie honed her skills in the Adobe Creative Suite, learning how to take her designs to new heights.

       Since graduating, Mackenzie has worked as a freelance illustrator, designer, and screenprint artist, earning a diverse array of clients, including Penfield Children’s Hospital, Trek Bikes, and Jack Daniels, among others. She currently resides in Huntsville, Alabama, with her fiancé and their two dogs.

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