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Soul To Soul : Official Cover Reveal

Good morning, all. Today is April 11th, 2023, and as promised, here is the cover reveal for "Soul To Soul!" We've been waiting on this day for quite some time now, and we hope you'll enjoy this first sneak peak at what is certain to be a classic piece of literature for many years to come. But first, a word about the project and those who made it happen.


Anya Lauchlan was born and raised in Kharkiv, Ukraine, by a family of Jewish doctors during the reign of Stalin. Despite the polarized environment, her artistic upbringing followed Western art, which was considered decadent, and nearly criminal at the time. She was trained by a student of Marc Chagall and adheres to the tradition of the School of Paris group.

Lauchlan began working as an illustrator at the age of sixteen. However, in 1979, she was put out of work as a ''refusenik'' and left for the UK in 1989. Eventually becoming a British national, Anya has been painting since 1991, and has actively exhibited her solo work in the UK and France, with group shows in Europe and the US.

Lauchlan's artwork has been featured on the English National Ballet and BBC TV with the ENB 1998-99. In 1997, "Daydreamer" won the first prize in a competition in London. Currently, Lauchlan resides on the scenic Isle of Wight, England, after having spent many years living in Normandy, France.


In this exquisite collection of short stories, Faye Rapoport DesPres, an accomplished journalist, brings heart to home and light to life. Soul To Soul serves as a literary response to the tumultuous start of the 21st century and is sure to endure as a cherished classic for years to come. Every distinct tale offers a fleeting glimpse into the life of another person, precisely at the moment they are enlightened about the world or themselves.


I’m so grateful to Anya Lauchlan for the beautiful cover and illustrations she created for Soul to Soul. Between her unique artistic vision and the publisher’s awareness of the importance of capturing both the reader’s attention and imagination, I couldn’t be happier with the artwork that graces the cover and complements ten of the stories. I’m hoping readers will enjoy and treasure this book for years to come.

Without further ado, HIP is pleased to present our premiere publication as it will appear on shelves near you, Soul To Soul: Tiny Stories of Hope and Resilience.

Full front cover art for STS

A young woman holds a copy of Soul To Soul

A young man reaches for a copy of STS

A soft-cover copy of STS

A trade paperback copy of STS perches on a wooden table


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