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Library Shelves

          HIP is pleased to offer only one type of Manuscript Editing. This service is a comprehensive developmental edit that is performed in-house by one of our talented editors. 


Grammatical Correction

Typographical Correction

Plot Development

Character Arc Development

Dialogue Advancement

Cohesive Viewpoint Refinement

Plot Hole Recognition

Tense Consistency Improvement

Story Arc Evolution

Past-Present Dialect & Object Continuity

Manuscript Editing Services

Manuscript editing is one of the most important aspects of the publishing industry. Authors want to make sure that their book is a pleasure to read. That's why HIP is proud to offer a pay per correction service available to all. Clients can trust that in our hands, your work will be ready to send to either a publisher or straight to the shelf! If grammatical proofreading and correction is all you need, then look no further! Our passionate team is prepared to polish your work in a way you never thought possible.


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