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       MJ joined HIP in 2023 as Editor and is dedicated to building a welcoming home for all our authors and their amazing titles. MJ has loved books all her life and is especially partial to stories that touch on mythology or the supernatural.

       For the last five years, she’s dabbled more actively in the writing process through hosting a critique group of over 600 members, organizing writer retreats, freelance editing for small presses and independent authors, and writing several short stories and novels of her own. MJ has experience polishing novels in nearly every genre from fantasy to instructional how-tos.


       As a fellow writer, MJ understands the creative process and appreciates the complexity of author voice, style, and intent, which she carefully considers with every edit to bring out the best version of a manuscript. 


       MJ is also the proud mother of three children, Dante, Athena, and Artemis, fur baby Petey, and beta fish Bluey. MJ’s portfolio of edited works that are published can be viewed on her professional website here.

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