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Submit your Project

Please fill in your information carefully and accurately.


Submission guidelines may be found in the section below.

Once you have submitted the form please send your documents to


Thanks for submitting! We receive many submissions from authors just like you. If you don't receive a response within 2 weeks, please assume that we are not interested in publishing your book but we do appreciate the opportunity to do so. 

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Found here are the official Manuscript Submission Guidelines. Please adhere to them carefully. We look forward to reading what you have to write and hope to be the support you need to become a Published Author with us!


HIP will accept submissions in all major formats.


HIP prefers that manuscripts be submitted in Times New Roman - Font Size 12


HIP focuses on YA Fiction but will absolutely accept any other genre. 


HIP does not require that a writer have an agent at this time. We will gladly accept submissions directly. 


HIP will accept submissions of any length.

Supporting documents

All manuscripts should be dispatched with a cover letter about yourself, A one page description about your book, and a sample.


HIP requires that all manuscripts be submitted in English. 

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