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          When it comes to having a book published, every author wants to be reassured that their book is in good hands before they ever sign on with a publisher. These days however, it can be hard to differentiate between a team that is genuinely passionate about your book and a greedy operation designed from the ground up to take advantage of new authors with high hopes. The truth is that a legitimate traditional publishing house will never ask you for money. In fact, quite the opposite is true! A publisher will pay you for your hard work! The role of a publisher is varied and complex. A book will go through several stages to become a work that the publisher feels is polished enough to sell. 

          Here at HIP we strive to promote a publishing style that is consistent with the authors original vision for the book and treat that book with the same respect as we would give our own. Our mission is to give writers a platform on which to build their careers without giving up too much control of the process. Many authors today feel as though their publishing companies ignore or overlook the creative process that led to the achievement that is their book, making massive edits and rearranging stories into a more digestible piece of literature. (If they can manage to score a deal, that is.) We hope to solve this increasingly common problem by working closely with our authors at every level of formulation to bring their story to life in ways they never thought possible. 

          As more Publishing Houses disappear or merge into larger companies, authors are finding it more difficult than ever to get a foot in the door. This is why small publishing companies are so important to the industry as a whole. In fact, one might argue that as an industry, the written word ecosystem is withering and large publishing behemoths need to look no further than the closest mirror. Having only a handful of large companies servicing hundreds of thousands of authors has transformed the skillful art of publishing into nothing more than a slaughter mill for true creativity. Accomplished new authors are beaten down by critics and editors alike, being forced to fundamentally alter the core message of their stories to conform to industry standards or concede to a future where their story will never be told. This is exactly why HIP is committed to staying independent. A policy of non-invasive and careful editing will spearhead an effort to respectfully publish an aspiring authors book in a manner that preserves the original spirit of the manuscript. 

          In addition to numerous swaths of an authors work being altered and rearranged, large publishing houses utilize oppressive, controlling contracts to limit what an author can and cannot do. Royalties can often be much lower than necessary but certain houses will make an offer for an advance that a full time author simply can’t refuse. Publishing with a small press often ensures that an author has creative freedom to craft their stories as they please. Instead of focusing on advances alone to drive authors to renew or extend contracts, small presses rely instead on the honesty of patrons to the author. This means that the success of an author is not remitted to the gamble of a marketing team and myriad advertising campaigns but rather is judged by the merits of their own skill. This can be risky for both an unproven author and a small press. Success is driven by skill, teamwork, and trust. Huntsville Independent Publishing will never bully or harass an author to change their story to make it more marketable. Our contract has a special buyout clause that ensures that an author will never be forced into publishing a work they feel has been misrepresented or fundamentally changed to its own detriment. Along with this contractual defense, HIP is pleased to offer royalty rates starting at 5-25% above industry standards so that you can focus on what you love! 

          One incredibly useful advantage of publishing with a small press is the promise of exposure to a writers potential fans that would otherwise never know they existed. Having your book printed and published for sale ensures that your books make it into the hands of more readers than a self published author normally would. For many famous authors, an independent press was responsible for their rise to the top.  Because HIP is a small press, what we can offer is a passionate team willing to put in the legwork to get authors we love into the hands of new readers and critical reviewers. HIP will also run small advertising campaigns and host local book signings. We are excited to get our hands dirty for a story we love and will work diligently to expand your readership and sales by word of mouth, social networking, marketing emails, and by making sure that your book ends up in as many bookstores as possible. HIP not only connects you to chain book shops but also to local shops and big box stores. Your book will also be published electronically to ensure that no matter where your fans are they can find a copy. 

          For authors who are still on the fence about signing with a publishing company, Huntsville Independent Publishing gladly furnishes useful tools for authors who wish to refine their manuscripts before submission and for those who wish to embark on the difficult journey of self-publishing. We eagerly facilitate professional editing and formatting services at prices that beat all competition. Enabling authors to fulfill their dreams is a goal we work toward regardless of whether you sign with us or not! We believe that everyone has a right to tell their story. For those who simply need to have a manuscript printed and bound HIP is able to provide, at competitive pricing, an all inclusive service to bring your book to life in perfect binding! 

          As it always has been at Huntsville Independent, our primary objective is to spread your story far and wide. We have been preparing for your moment for years and are ready to tackle the challenge of creating a bestseller that audiences will love for years to come. It is our privilege to assist you in your journey to become a successful writer! We look forward to servicing you in any way that we can to help you tell your story. We hope you’ll decide that HIP is where you belong!  

Joshua Adams

CEO, Senior Editor

Huntsville Independent Press

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